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Self & Time

Perhaps you've noticed

or maybe you hadn't,


it's been a minute since I've been here.

Almost 6 weeks to be exact.

Summer is flying by.

Life is busy.

SO much to do,

people to see,

celebrations to be had (hubby's celebration cake is the blog post photo)

places to go.

More celebrations to be had.

And work.

There is always work.

The Monday to Friday work that pays the bills.

Or at least some of them. (insert eyeball here)

Ugh, Increased cost of living.

Am I right?!


Sometimes it inspires us.

Sometimes it doesn't.

But it is always there to fill our time.

It consistently fills our time.

It keeps us going.

And it holds us back.

It allows us to grow.

But also gives us permission to remain stagnant.

It's been almost 6 weeks since I've been here.

My longest absence thus far.

My 2022 self who started 365 Pages A Year & committed to write one page a day would be terribly disappointed.

My 2023 self who claimed I would come here when the inspiration hits me,

is also a titch disappointed.

So here I am

sitting here,





short on time.


It is everything and it is also nothing.

We feel like we have so much of it

and then we look back at so much of it that is gone.

But I suppose inspiration can be found in the little things.

The subtle things.

Like the tiniest spark of inspiration

flickering in my heart

being created

in this moment

by my inner self.

The 2023 self who is finding her voice to speak her truth.

And even if she doesn't always speak it out loud,

she speaks it within her own heart.

And sometimes that in itself

is good enough.

The 2023 self who grants herself permission

to not waste her time

with people,

or places

or things

that do not bring her joy.

People, places or things that do not fill her cup.

People, places or things that do not bring a smile to her heart.

People, places or things that do not allow for her to be her authentic self.

The 2023 self who gives herself permission

to be the one to chose how she uses her time

and to not feel any guilt

about any of it

at all.

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