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Spirituality & Synchronization

Today has been a weird one.

The synchronization of different forces lining up,

coming together.

Pointing out truths.

Even if the pill Is hard to swallow.

The universe at work.

My morning started with waking from an Odd 'dream'.

Of someone who is deceased.

I remember it now many, many hours later

with a full visual perspective.

The words.

The feelings.

The emotions.

The sensations it all brought together.

I pulled out all of my cards as I poured a cup of camomile.

Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards, Oracle Cards, Tarot...

feeling the need to connect.

Find an explanation.

Although my first sense,

my intuition,

my inner cohesiveness,

already knew the answer

that I was seeking.

And as the day progressed.

I realized I've had a similar occurrence,

a similar 'dream' as some may call it,

many many years ago.

But it was with

someone different,

someone else who had passed on.

An interaction

that I can remember vividly.

The words exchanged

between our souls

encapsulated in my brain

like a childhood nursery rhyme that I could never forget.

But today was different.

Although the position in which we sat was the same,

This was different.

It was dark,

compared to the previous occurrence

with another soul

being light & bright.

Today has been a day

of depth...





A day of




Judge away if you must.

I'll just sit here and wrap myself up in a protection bubble of light & love.

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