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Is it just me or has anyone else ever been standing in their backyard grilling Salmon on the BBQ in the beginning of March in Ontario, staring at the brown dead grass and mostly melting snow, thinking...

Why do I live here?

I hate this weather.

This time of year in Ontario, or at least the part I live in, is dreary and cold and dirty.

Everything is brown and dead.

No leaves on the trees.

And that's following the months that are cold & dark and perpetually dark & cold.

But there is finally sunlight in the sky after 6pm, so I'm grilling!

But this weather.

This gloom.

This isn't me.

Why do I choose this?

For real.


I love the sand and sun and water.

I need warmth and sunshine.

I need to hear the waves and the trickle of water... every day.

I need to be able to walk barefoot, and for it feel grounding, not cold & painful.

I 'm in the wrong space on the planet.

At the very least, the wrong part of the country.

As I grilled, I watched a flock of geese fly over head. They may have been thinking the same thing as I was as they honked "it's sunny but deceiving, it's so rotten & cold!". Except for one random bird, he took a 90 degree left turn & headed in the another direction... not wanting to go with the flow, not wanting to do what's expected of him, wanting more ~ I relate to him. I'm not sure where he is going but I wish him well.

As the sun set, and the sky turned a beautiful reddish hue... it looked beautiful, but it's really all a rouse.

It's cold. And dreary. And dirty.

Why do I live here?

I need to work on this.

And then that One star shone so bright!

Star light, Star bright, First Star I see tonight...

Make a Wish!

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