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Sunrise & Sunset

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Some Sundays are met with


only when

your eyes


to naturally open.

Usually with me, it's early morning.

Sunday is usually a slower start.

Coffee on the deck,

or perhaps two,

while sitting in the stillness

watching the sun

just as it starts to rise.

Other Sundays are met

with the "BEEP BEEP BEEP"

of an alarm clock.

Or in my case,

a slow rising volume of a mystical musical chime.

A race to grind the beans

for that one fresh cup of coffee

to swallow back


jumping into and out of the shower

to only watch

the sun rise

in my rearview mirror.

Both types of Sundays

fill me with gratitude.

Perhaps not always in the moment

but at the very least

in the reflection of it.

I'm grateful for the unhurried pace.

The moments of stillness.

The solitude.


I'm also grateful for the privilege

that I have had

over the past two


sharing a piece of myself

to help others

on perhaps one of their worst days.

The one thing about nursing

that I dare say most people do not recognize

is that

the people we encounter

and care for

take a little piece of us with them

whenever they leave...

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