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Unapologetically A-Okay

I love a long weekend.

Three back to back Work-Free days.

I looked forward to these days.

I had plans for these days.

I had jammed packed my brain with of all of the things that I wanted to do on these days.

The agenda in my brain filled with Outside-Work Work.

Things that I

have to do and

need to do.

But none of which I've actually spent any time doing this weekend.

Over eight hours ago I started out on dinner prep.

Now I sit patiently waiting for the timer to ring.

Autumn food.

Heartwarming & cozy.

Since that time....

I didn't work.

I didn't write.

Well, I suppose I am now.

Writing, not working.

But I didn't write this Weeknd in the way that I prepped myself to do.

Or expected myself to do.

Shame on me.

OR at least that was how I was feeling.

What I did,

was do what I was guided to do.

My bustling mind conceded.

Because my soul knew what it needed.

My restless soul was in need of some grounding.

So in the hours that have passed today,

I've soaked in a sea salt & frankincense filled bath,

with the window wide open

letting in the briskly chilled autumn air.

I've burned sage,

grounding myself in the scent.

I've listened to the calming sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

I've meditated.

I've Sat with my cards...

Russian Gypsy Tarot

and Angel Oracle,

the decks that called to me today.



So although I didn't Outside-Work Work today,

I accomplished so much more.

I settled my soul.

I grounded my energy.

I did what I felt guided to do

and Only that.

That's what I had to do.

That's what I needed.

And at this moment

I grant myself permission to accept

that taking a step back,

resting my brain

and connecting with my soul

is always



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