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It's a Saturday Thing

I love Saturdays.

Saturday usually consists of a late morning, well late for my husband, I'm still awake at a grossly early hour. But the day is slower, unhurried, peaceful.

Slow coffee, potentially some writing, then some chores that have sat idle over the week.

Then by noon we're off to the first place that was cozy to us when we moved to our new city.

You know that kinda place.

The type of place that You walk in, the patrons & servers from the bar yell "Norm!"

I mean, they don't literally do that, but that type of sentiment is felt.

We sit at one of the two same tables, every time.

We go through our methodical & superstitious process of completing our football pool.

Have a bite & a pint.

The rest of the day is filled with errands. Family dog walk.

Then Something simmering on the stove.

While we have a late afternoon Euchre tournament.

Followed by some intense watching of some true crime documentary series

or a movie.

Yes predictable.

But complete comfort and joy.

But today although the pot will be simmering,

no cards will be played.

Because it is Hockey Night in Canada folks ~

and the pot of chilli that is bubbling

is for the men who will be watching said game.

And I,

well I will happily retreat to another room,

to another television,

and binge watch "my show" that has been waiting for me to have some alone time!!!

Happy, happy all around.

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