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To the little girl within me chasing her Big writing dreams... this Writer blog is for her!

Welcome to 365 Pages A Year, my unique little writing space about everything and anything.

Having worked twenty years in health care while simultaneously juggling an acting career as a proud ACTRA member, while also raising a family, I didn't think I'd ever find myself in the role of full time student. But there I was September 2021, a full time student in a post graduate Screenwriting & Narrative Design program. I jumped into my writing with both scaled feet hot off the burn of Covid. I immersed myself into my writing, granting myself permission to be a vessel for creativity. While also granting myself permission to be the oldest student in the class. Ageism, it's real.

This blog was created as a commitment to myself to write one page every single day for one entire year.

Inspired by a professor who had at the time asked

"Is your writing even finished if no one has read it?".

Fair Question.

So whatever is on my mind, whatever I feel like writing about, that is what this Blog is.

After reaching my goal of one page a day for one year, I relinquished myself of that rigid commitment.

But this space still remains a free fall of thoughts entwined with an emotional out pouring of words, you just never know when something new will pop up.

So if grammatical structure, APA or strict timelines are your thing, this unstructured style may simply irk you. 

And that's valid.

But at the same time it may possibly open you up to see bits of life from a fresh pliable view.

Either way, Read on.

I'm crossing fingers that you'll enjoy. 

P.S. ~ Like a good book, this site reads best from Page One posted on January 1st 2022

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The two wonderful humans in the photo, are the greatest pieces of my heart and soul.

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Thanks for your interest in 365 Pages A Year. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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