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My heart is breaking.

This past week has Brought so much loss and devastation.

Loss to those around the world.

Those in my community.

To those within my work circle

And those who orbit in my personal life.

Layers of loss.

Close, middle and far.

Those three spontaneous free flow of words take my mind to a childhood educational program,

one with a particular puppet teaching “close, middle & far”.

If you’re in my era you may see it in your minds eye as well ~

Fuzzy looking skinny puppet with long scraggly, floppy arms.

My cousin had the stuffy of the puppet, it was his favourite.

If you don’t see it,

that’s ok,

it wasn’t the point anyway ~ I just got distracted by my own words.

Grief can do that ~ distract us.

The layers of loss.

All of those layers integrate together in my heart.

They weave in & out of orbit with each other.

And it’s heavy.

But you know what else grief can do… it can guide us.

And the words in my heart right now speak only this…

Love the ones you love.

And the ones that you don’t love,

leave them be

because they are busy loving the ones that they love.

That’s what we’re here for.

That’s the one thing that connects us all.


The capability to love.

The humanity that is love.

SO Let’s just lead with that.


Uncle Buck, there will never be another quite like you.

All our love xo

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