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Saving grace

You would have to have read yesterdays blog

To know where I am going with this today.

SO if you haven’t read yesterdays words,

go back,

I’ll wait…





Our family was on vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida.

It happened to be my 3rd birthday…

My birthday has always fallen on the Canadian ‘March Break’.

We were staying at a Motel directly on the beach.

I remember the sounds.

Certain smells.

Specific details of the room.

I also have a few distinct memories.

Like Knocking over orange coral decoration

when I knelt down to look at something

in a gift shop.

The sound of it startling me as it smashed to pieces on the floor.

My parents being told the store rule

"You break it, You buy it".

But there is One specific memory that my brother and I talk about...

Early One morning…

While most of the Motel vacationers slept

We were walking to the beach

Along the ground floor Motel corridor

with our uncle.

Our uncle walked up ahead

I was walking quite a few paces behind him

My brother was dawdling even more distance behind me

He remembers the specific details of what had caught his eye and made him linger behind.

Midway up the corridor

A Motel Room Door Opened

And I was suddenly

in the arms of

friendly faced man

In that very same moment

My brother saw

Two Arms jut out from a door

These arms Swiftly and Mechanically

Lifted up his little sister

And then he couldn’t see her any longer

In that very same moment

My uncle must’ve gotten a ’sixth sense’

Or what I call our ‘First sense’

About something

Because according to my brother

He turned around

And said

“Where’s Jodi?!”

My brother pointed to the Closed Motel Room Door.

I remember being offered candy

From a BIG Bowl


Sat on the table

Near the end of the bed.

I remember an iguana or newt

Or some type of reptile

In the bath tub.

I mean, I can’t be certain of the type of reptile,

after all I was only 3 years old.

My brother says my uncle was immediately at the door.

It seems that he must’ve reacted too fast for the ‘friendly’ man

Because he opened the door right away.

My brother says

He can’t unseen that image.

He says it’s as if the motion that the man

used with his arms


Practiced over and over

Until it was meticulous.

He also says

That the scariest part,

well one of them anyway,

Is that at the far wall of that Motel Room

Was a patio door

That exited into the Parking lot.

My brother returned to Daytona for Spring Break

Many years later

And could find the Motel

Out of the hundreds

Just by the Feel alone.

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